Thursday, 28 July 2011

How to add shortcode to wordpress widget?

Wordpress has one great feature called shortcode for adding some special content to the posts or pages. Shortcodes are the keywords with the square brackets.

Ex: [gallery] is the shortcode to insert a gallery into a post or page.Place this shortcode in the page where you want to display the gallery.

 Like this adding a shortcode to the page or post is very simple then we will get a question “how to add shortcode to widgets?”

If we add a shortcode to widget in the same process of adding to a post, then the shortcode ([gallery] in the above example) only be displayed instead of special content.

To add shortcode to the widget follow these steps.
  1. Login into wordpress admin page and go to the Theme Editor — i.e. select Apperance > Editor from admin menu.

  2. Select Functions or functions.php from the list of files in the right panel,and click on it to load it into the editor.

  3. Then add the following line of php code.
       add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');          
  1. Click on the Update File button to save the file.
That’s it.Now if you add shortcode to the sidebar it will process the code and will display the special content.

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