Tuesday, 13 September 2011

How to Activate or Deactivate wordpress plug-in programmatically?

Recently I had a problem with wordpress plug-in display at the dashboard. I searched on the web but did not find a proper solution. At that time I got a requirement to install one plug-in, I uploaded the plug-in from ftp and the uploaded plug-in is not displayed in the dashboard to activate.

For this I tried the following hook and done the activation of the plug-in.

function activate_plugin() {    
         // Absolute path to your specific plugin
$my_plugin = WP_PLUGIN_DIR.'/wp-email/wp-email.php';
 // Here wp-email is the plug-in which i want to activate. Replace it with the plug-in which you want to activate.
    // Check to see if plugin is already active
    if(is_plugin_active($my_plugin)) {
        // Deactivate plugin
        // Note that deactivate_plugins() will also take an
        // array of plugin paths as a parameter instead of
        // just a single string.
    else {
        // Activate plugin

Add the above code to the functions.php of your current theme .Once the activation is done comment the code, because we are activating the plug-in if It is in deactivated state and we are deactivating the plug-in if it is active state. So if we did not remove the code the plug-in will be deactivated again.
If you don’t need to deactivation functionality just comment the following line and no need of commenting the whole function
This code made my work easy that’s why I am sharing it , so it may be useful for someone.

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